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From mold infestations to serious structural damage, even a small water leak in your home’s plumbing system can lead to a flood of problems. How widespread is the issue? Data released by the Environmental Protection Agency shows that up to 10 percent of American homes have leaks that waste 90 gallons each day. Here are three ways to identify leaks that might be hidden in the maze of plumbing pipes in your Mississippi home.

Check Your Water Bill

An unusually high water bill is sometimes the first indication of an undetected leak. Discrepancies often show up in the winter when the demand for water isn’t as high as it is during the warm-weather months. You can check for leaks any time of the year, however, by comparing your present water bill with a bill from the same period month in previous years. A sharp increase in water usage could indicate a problem.

Read Your Water Meter

All the water used in your home is recorded by your water meter. If the readings continue to climb when you’re not using water, chances are you’ve got an undetected leak:

  • Start the test by turning off everything in your home that uses water, including ice makers and water filters.
  • Make a note of the current readings on the meter’s flow indicator, rotary dial, or digital dials.
  • Wait two hours, and then check the readings again to see if there’s any change.

Look for Signs of Mold or Mildew

It’s fairly common for mold or mildew to grow in damp environments like a shower, but if the fungus is showing up unexpected places, an unseen water leak may be to blame. Ceilings and walls showing damp spots or fungus growth are common indicators. While molds typically appear in spotty shades of black, brown or green, mildew is usually gray or white. Both types of fungus pose health hazards, particularly for family members who suffer from allergies, asthma, or chronic respiratory conditions.

At Dent Air Conditioning, we’re proud to offer multiple home services, including leak detection that uses advanced instrumentation to pinpoint the location of hidden leaks. To learn more, check out our plumbing solutions or call us today at 601-912-0535.

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