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As the holiday season approaches in Jackson, MS, you may be dividing your time between shopping at area malls and working on holiday prep in your home. Of course, seasonal productions by local performing groups such as Ballet Magnificat! may have you focused on getting out of the house to celebrate. However, your residence should be winterized and tidied up now to ensure that it is a comfy spot at the end of an evening out. Following are five important issues to consider in your household preparations for the holidays.

1. Deep Cleaning

It’s time to take stock of your in-home activity plans for the holiday season and to begin handling the deep cleaning tasks now. You may want to do a thorough dusting of fixtures and shelves. You might also need to organize cluttered cabinets before you have guests rummaging for cocoa mugs and holiday dinnerware. Don’t wait until the last minute to tidy your living spaces for company.

2. Updated Decor

Pre-holiday prep often includes attention to furnishings and other decorative elements that will be under scrutiny as guests arrive. It’s time to ditch the broken folding chairs and worn sofa in lieu of more comfortable and attractive items. If new furnishings don’t fit your budget, look for throws that may work well to disguise wear on sofas and easy chairs. It’s also an important time for adding to your decorations for the holidays, especially if you will be hosting the big Thanksgiving feast or Christmas dinner for family. As you consider new decor, remember that insulated curtains can help you to save more money on heating costs by limiting heat loss. Basic drapes can save one-tenth of the energy lost through windows during the cold weather as you leave them drawn, and insulated curtains can increase the savings even more.

3. Lighting

A brightly lit home is inviting and positive during the holidays, but it can take a huge bite out of your holiday budget. Transitioning to LED bulbs can save you between 75 and 90 percent of energy needed per bulb. These bulbs can last 20 years or more in some cases, providing a savings of approximately $6 per bulb per year on your electric bill. You can save money while enjoying better lighting during this season in which lights play such a major role in decorating.

4. Air Sealing

Energy experts indicate that sealing air leaks and adding sufficient levels of attic insulation to your structure can cut energy bills by up to 10 percent. This also improves comfort levels in your residence by mitigating leaks. This is an important step in holiday preparations so that your guests aren’t troubled by uncomfortable drafts as they spend time in your house. It is also important for keeping your seasonal budget intact.

5. Heating Tune-Up

Because the chilly Jackson weather during the holiday season requires reliable heating, your prep for the season should include a thorough heating tune-up. Our technicians at Dent Air Conditioning are available to inspect your system for safety and efficiency. Give us a call to schedule service today.
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