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We all have bad habits. Some of us bite our fingernails, while some of us leave every light on when we leave the house. Many bad habits are really harmless, but not when they relate to the HVAC system in your Jackson, Mississippi, home. Kick the bad habits related to your HVAC system, and you’ll create a more energy-efficient and comfortable home. Here are three habits you should never adopt:

Power Washing Your System

You come outside one day and see that your outdoor condenser unit is covered in crusty grass that the lawnmower spit out. You remember hearing that a dirty condenser unit is bad for efficiency, so you break out a power washer and spray down the unit.

This is never a good idea. Power washing an outdoor condenser unit can damage coils and cause more harm than good. Pick out what debris you can and schedule a cleaning by a professional service technician.

Conducting Major DIY Maintenance

In many cases, DIY home maintenance is fantastic. You can clean your home, change your HVAC air filter and seal drafts on your own. But you should think twice about conducting DIY HVAC maintenance.

Without proper training, you may accidentally damage your system, costing you in comfort and utility costs. Doing any kind of electrical work without proper training can also cause you harm. Instead of fixing your system yourself, consider scheduling regular maintenance appointments with your local HVAC service technician.

Pushing Your System Too Hard

When the summer days get especially toasty in Jackson, it can be tempting to push the air conditioner to its limits. Unfortunately, the harder you push your HVAC system, the more you reduce energy efficiency and place a strain on the system that can cause further damage. If you can stand it, keep your thermostat setting around 77 degrees and find other ways to stay cool.

We all have bad habits we need to kick. The sooner you ditch your bad HVAC habits, the sooner you’ll have a more comfortable, energy-efficient home. To get in the habit of regular HVAC maintenance, call Dent Air Conditioning at 601-912-0535.

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