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Originally published June 2013, updated October 2016

Home comfort levels can be frustrating during the summer in Brandon, Mississippi. Some homeowners have to deal with old equipment that doesn’t seem to do the job of cooling to their satisfaction. Others are frustrated by trouble zones that never get cold enough before the AC shuts off. If you constantly wonder how to get colder air from your air conditioner, it’s time to get professional input so you can put an end to wasting energy and sacrificing comfort.

The Basics of Your AC Unit

Refrigerant is very important in air conditioning. It travels to the outdoor coils to be compressed, making it very hot. It continues its path to an indoor evaporator coil where it can expand. This allows it to become extremely cold. Heat exchange ensues so cooler air is produced and circulated indoors.

Refrigerant Problems

If the refrigerant level is low, the cooling process will be affected, leading to warmer airflow. It can also create problems with your coil freezing. An undercharge of refrigerant is usually indicative of a leak. The level of the refrigerant must be adjusted to optimum levels.

Short Cycling

If your system cycles on and off too quickly, you may not obtain appropriate cooling results throughout your home. This can happen if there is a problem with your thermostat or if the system is over-sized.

Trouble Zones

The structure of your home and surrounding landscaping can affect cooling. Large windows facing the sun can lead to extra heat gain in some rooms. You may need insulating window coverings to keep the heat gain limited.

Upper floors of a home can be hard to cool adequately during the summer. Heat gain through your roof may be an issue. Attic insulation can limit the heat exchange, enabling you to obtain better overall cooling through your home.

System zoning is another excellent measure to consider in a multi-story or large house. This allows you to direct cooling activity only toward areas that are in need of temperature moderation. A system of dampers and thermostats works together with a central control to ensure that ideal temperatures are achieved in targeted areas. This also facilitates energy conservation efforts by allowing you to limit cooling in those areas that are used less.

Pinpointing Problems

There are many possible causes for inadequate cooling. It’s important to partner with the right HVAC professional to ensure that the problem is identified and fixed. Additionally, regular AC maintenance will ensure that your system is optimized.

Dent Air Conditioning is proud to provide a variety of cooling and heating services. We also provide 24-hour emergency service. Call us at 601-912-0535 for your AC repair and maintenance needs.

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