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Water leaks and damage can wreak havoc on your Jackson, Mississippi, home. Prevention is critical when dealing with potential water issues. Make sure you catch a water leak early before it damages your home.

Watch Your Water Bill

If you pay attention, your water bill will alert you to a hidden water leak. Track your water bill for a few months to know what’s normal. If you receive a water bill that’s dramatically higher than your other bills, it’s a good sign you have a leak somewhere. Even if the bill is just noticeably higher, you may want to contact a plumber, because it could signal that a leak is starting to develop.

Install Water Monitors

Install water monitors in places that you’re likely to have a leak. Basements are especially susceptible to flooding and leaks. Since you might not spend as much time down there, it could go unnoticed. Install water monitors to catch a leak as soon as it happens. These monitors come in various forms. Some beep when they detect water, while others connect to your phone and alert you.

Inspect for Microbial Growth

Keep an eye out for microbial growth, which is almost always a sign of a water leak in your home. If your leak is inside your walls, it’s hard to detect unless it starts damaging your ceiling or drywall.

If your home starts to smell musty, call in a contractor to check it out. The leak that’s causing the microbial growth is problematic, but that’s not the biggest concern. Microbial growth is dangerous to your health and the indoor air quality in your home.

If you have a leak or other plumbing concerns, we’re the experts to call. Even if you just suspect a leak, don’t wait to have an expert check it out. Contact Dent Air Conditioning at 601-912-0535 to schedule an appointment today.

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