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Home automation devices can help you save energy and make your family feel more comfortable at home. You can control many parts of your home wirelessly, from your sprinklers to your oven. You can also enjoy lower insurance costs and a higher value for your Jackson, Mississippi, home. Convenient home automation devices include smart thermostats, locks and cameras. Read on to learn more about these devices.

Smart Thermostats

A smart thermostat uses motion sensors to learn your routine over time. That way, it can set your HVAC system to adjust the temperature in order to save energy when you leave for work or go to sleep. It’ll also return your home to a comfortable temperature before you wake up or come home. You can make adjustments from your smartphone using an app and receive timely maintenance reminders.

Smart Locks

With a smart lock, you won’t need a physical key for your door anymore. You won’t have to worry about misplacing your keys, and you can give guests a temporary code for the keypad. You can also lock or unlock your door remotely and receive notifications whenever someone enters your home. With a smart doorbell, you can speak to anyone at the door through a video intercom system as well.

Smart Surveillance

Connecting cameras in your home to motion detectors will eliminate hours of unneeded recordings every day while saving all activity. With many intelligent surveillance systems, you can control the lights in your home remotely to scare away intruders. Some connect to speakers so that you can tell burglars to get out, and others will contact the police automatically if they detect unauthorized activity. Smart cameras are also ideal for checking on your kids or pets while you’re away.

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