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As a homeowner in Madison, MS, you need a reliable heating system to get you through the winter months of the year. In mild climates such as that in Madison, MS, a heat pump is a cost effective and efficient solution to wintertime heating needs. However, you may be wondering,  “Will a heat pump will work when the outdoor weather is cold.”  Our air conditioning and heating experts at Dent Air Conditioning explain the effects of cold weather on your heat pump in Madison, MS.

How Heat Pumps Work

During the winter months, a heat pump system draws in heat from the outdoors and transfers it indoors using a chemical refrigerant, usually R-410A, known as working fluid. These systems are efficient because they do not burn fuel to create heat, rather, they use a small amount of electricity to transfer the heat. 

How Cold Weather Affects Home Heating Equipment

When the outdoor temperature reaches the freezing point, the heat pump requires a lot more energy to transfer heat. In addition, there is not as much heat to withdraw from the outdoors. The combination of these two effects leads to inefficient heating in freezing temperatures. Most heat pumps have an indoor component that includes heating elements as a backup heating system. In this case, when it is too cold for the heat pump to withdraw enough heat from the outdoors, it fires up these heating elements to produce heat, then the air handler kicks on to blow the heat into the air ducts. Use of these electric heating elements is not as energy efficient as the transfer of outdoor heat to the indoors. You can also have a gas or oil supplemental heating system installed in your home.

Choosing a Heat Pump for Winter Use

During most of the winter season, the outdoor temperatures in this area will be warm enough for a heat pump system to extract enough heat to provide sufficient indoor warmth with a high level of energy efficiency. This means that a heat pump system is still an economical choice for home heating needs. Homeowners who desire a boost in wintertime energy efficiency might desire to have our team of heating and air conditioning service technicians install a backup gas or oil heating system for those occasions when the outdoor temperatures drop below the freezing point. This will ensure that your home maintains the highest level of energy efficiency.

At Dent Air Conditioning, we offer expert advice, maintenance and repairs for your heat pump in Madison, MS. By bringing to you our helpful hints about how your heating system works, we hope to ensure your comfort throughout the winter months. When you need professional services to ensure that your heating equipment is in optimal working order and giving you the best level of performance during cold weather, we are here for you. Contact us at any time for more information about how heat pumps work when the temperature drops below freezing or to schedule your next maintenance visit with our dedicated professionals.

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