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Having an up-to-date electrical system is vital to keeping your home in Jackson, Mississippi, functioning properly. Unfortunately, many older homes have old wiring and possible electrical code violations. These can not only get you in trouble but also pose a serious hazard for you and your family. Read on to learn about some of these common problems that you should get fixed right away.

New Lights Installed With Old Wiring

The old wiring in your home was probably created for much older light fixtures. Modern-day lights run at a temperature of about 194 degrees, and old wiring can only withstand up to 140. As long as your wiring was made after 1987, you can add a splice with new wires to your modern light fixture.

Illegal Splices

Legally, you should house all spliced wires in a junction box. Any splices outside of the junction box are code violations unless used as part of the process of troubleshooting temporary lighting.

Failing to Have a Neutral Wire

Wiring a switch can be so easy that many people may forget to include the neutral wire. Any switch that has a consistent flow of electricity will need a neutral wire to allow it to run properly and make it safe.

Improper Outside Covers

Most outdoor electrical outlets include a flat cover. These outlets are only safe from the elements when the flat cover is closed. As such, you should only use them on a temporary basis. When you use outdoor extension cords for long-term use, such as for holiday lights, you’ll need to have an in-use cover protecting them.

Having the Wrong Circuit Breaker

The wrong type of circuit breaker can be both an electrical and fire hazard. You should use:

  • A standard breaker for large appliances
  • A ground fault interrupters for small appliances that contain or are around water
  • An arc fault circuit interrupters in living spaces with a fire risk

Are you experiencing any of the electrical problems listed above? Contact Dent Air Conditioning at 601-912-0535 to find out how you can avoid electrical code violations and the hefty fines associated with them.

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