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Electrical issues can occur in your Jackson, Mississippi, home when you’re unaware. These problems can be an inconvenience, whether due to frequent outages or problems with your power supply. However, there are many electrical problems that can lead to severely dangerous conditions. Here are three electrical issues that can make your home a dangerous place:

Outlets or Switches That Are Warm to the Touch

If you feel warmth when you touch your switch plate or the plates covering electrical outlets, you might have a severe electrical problem in your home. There may just be too much power drawing on the circuit. But it might also mean that you have aluminum wire in your home, which increase the risk of fire.

Electrical Shocks When Touching a Plug or Appliance

If you’ve ever received an electric shock, you know that even a mild one can feel extremely painful. Shocks can mean that there’s a problem with the specific appliance. But it also could mean that there’s a problem with the wiring, such as damaged covers. If this occurs, keep the appliance unplugged until you can determine the cause.

Moisture By or Above an Outlet

Water and electricity certainly don’t mix. If they come into contact, it can result in a fire or electrocution to unaware bystanders.

If you notice moisture accumulation anywhere around an outlet, turn the power off to the area and address the water damage immediately. You should also call a qualified electrician to make sure the wiring and area are safe before turning on the power.

If you notice any of the electrical issues listed above, it’s important that a certified electrician assess the situation. This will ensure that your home stays safe and reduces your risk of a fire. Contact Dent Air Conditioning today at 601-912-0535 to diagnose and rectify your electrical issues.

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