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Electricity and electrical wiring can present safety hazards. This powerful force can lead to serious injury or even cause death if not handled properly. Don’t be a victim of shocks, burns, electrical fires or other mishaps. Give electricity the respect it deserves to protect your family and your Jackson, Mississippi, home.

Don’t Overload Outlets Or Extension Cords

Overloading sockets and extension cords can result in overheating, especially in Mississippi’s older homes. That wiring was designed to support only a fraction of the load that modern wiring supports. If your older home is short on sockets, hire an electrician to install a few new ones.

Give Major Appliances Dedicated Wall Outlets

Don’t plug more than two small appliances into one wall outlet, and never plug any appliances into extension cords. Electricity-gobbling appliances like dishwashers should never share an outlet with another energy-hungry appliance like a refrigerator.

Be Alert for System Overload Warning Signs

Electric systems can warn you if they are in distress, but you have to know the signs. If you notice any of the following occurring in your home or business, call a professional electrician immediately:

Keep Things Cool in the Kitchen

More than half of all fires involve electricity and the kitchen. Don’t try to remove stuck toast from a toaster with a metal utensil while the toaster is still plugged in, and don’t handle kitchen appliances with wet hands. Shocks could result. Unplug small appliances when not in use.

Schedule Regular Fire Safety Inspections

Things can look good on the outside while trouble lurks behind the scenes. Older Mississippi homes can host mice who love to chew on wiring in the walls. Over time, this can create hazardous conditions that lead to fires.

To learn how to protect your Jackson home from an electrical fire, contact the experts at Dent Air Conditioning today by calling 601-912-0535. We work hard to improve your indoor comfort and safety.

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