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With fall months on the horizon, it may be exciting to spend time out and about with the family, enjoying the transition in temperatures as you check out local Jackson, MS museums and parks. However, it is important to keep the winter months in mind as you enjoy the beautiful weather. By taking some time to do a bit of fall maintenance, you can be sure that your home will be more comfortable as the busy holiday season and chilly winter weather arrive.

Put an End to Air Leaks

One of the most annoying winter issues can be unexpected drafts on chilly mornings. These can affect not only your comfort but also your utility bills. Some affordable sealing activities can keep more of your budget free for those fall activities that you love. Caulk is inexpensive, and you can keep a tube on hand to deal with new air leaks. Do a thorough inspection while the temperatures are still mild to ensure that older material is removed and replaced. Look for signs of brittle or missing caulk at windows throughout your home.Update old weather stripping at doors to minimize energy loss as well. You may want to keep a roll or two handy for mid-winter repairs. You may not need to replace older material, but you will want to inspect it to be sure that there aren’t gaps. Many weather stripping products are self-adhesive, and that adhesive material can wear out over time. If you find sagging portions, you may want to replace part or all of the material in that area.

Ventilation Review

Your attic plays an important role in the performance of your home comfort system, and you will want to be sure that air can move freely through the attic. Check your soffit vents to be sure that there aren’t any blockages. Remove debris and other material to ensure a good flow of air. You don’t want to over-insulate your attic because this can restrict the flow of air and cause the space to overheat later on. This might result in ice dams during the winter months, posing a threat to the structural integrity of portions of your roofing system. Although low temperatures in the Jackson, MS area can be mild, record lows have reached sub-zero levels in years past, making snow and ice a viable possibility. Weather-proof your attic by being sure that insulation levels are sufficient but not excessive. If your attic’s floor joists are visible, you can definitely supplement existing levels to reduce energy loss in your living spaces.

Remember Heater Maintenance

You don’t want a heating repair bill to cut into your holiday budget, and one of the best ways to avert this type of problem is by scheduling a preventive maintenance call with Dent Air Conditioning. Our technicians can inspect your heating equipment thoroughly, making necessary adjustments and cleaning parts that may perform poorly due to the buildup of residue. If repairs are warranted, our technicians are able to make those recommendations so that they can be handled before the mercury drops for the winter. Call us today to learn more about heating maintenance.
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