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With fall in full swing in Jackson, Mississippi, you might wonder what HVAC maintenance tasks you can complete without professional help. Here are a few tasks to help keep your heating system in top shape in between your regularly scheduled maintenance visits:

Change the Filter

It’s important to start the heating season with a fresh filter. A clean filter helps boost indoor air quality and your system’s performance, ensuring it provides adequate heat and healthy air all winter long. The filter not only removes airborne contaminants but also allows the system to move air freely. In other words, a clean filter improves efficiency and helps you save on your heating costs.

Clean the Clutter

The area surrounding your heating equipment should be free from clutter and debris. Since every furnace or heat pump requires adequate airflow to function properly, it’s important to avoid storing items around the system. And remember, storing flammable items like gasoline or cleaners near the heater is a dangerous fire hazard. Always leave at least three feet of clearance around your heating system to protect it.

Check the Detectors

The heating season increases carbon monoxide risk because you’re using fuel-burning systems to stay warm. Although your HVAC service technician will ensure all components are in working order to prevent this dangerous gas from being released, you should still err on the safe side and have working carbon monoxide detectors. Now’s the perfect time to test existing carbon monoxide detectors and replace the batteries.

Clear the Vents

Take a quick walk through your home to make sure no rugs, furniture, curtains, or other items are blocking your vents and registers. If so, move these items away from the supply and return registers to allow the warm air to circulate.

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