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Happy holidays Jackson, Mississippi! Whether it’s a family dinner or impromptu party, chances are your home is about to get a lot more crowded. From cooking and cleaning to decking the halls, you’ve worked hard to make sure everything is ready for guests. The last thing you want is for an unexpected plumbing problem to spoil all the fun. Is your plumbing system ready to handle your holiday parties and the influx of visitors the festive season brings?

Kitchen Concerns

As the heart of your home, the kitchen is the place where friends and family inevitably gather. Don’t let a clogged garbage disposal, a leaky pipe or foul odors coming from the drain ruin the experience:

  • Keep a sealed coffee can handy to collect food scraps to prevent guests from tossing them in the sink and clogging your garbage disposal.
  • Check the pipes under the kitchen sink for drips and call a qualified plumber immediately if you detect a leak.
  • Avoid creating a smelly “grease blob” by wiping away oil and grease from dishes before rinsing them.

When you’re busy, it’s easy to accidentally throw something that you shouldn’t down the garbage disposal. Use a drain stopper to cover the opening, so you’ll have time to recover from any mistakes.

Toilet Troubles

Nothing is worse than a troublesome toilet when company comes calling. Your guests simply expect everything in your home to work properly. The best way to avoid toilet clogs is to schedule preventive maintenance well before the party gets started. A quick fix may be all it takes to resolve the issue once and for all. Make sure the toilet is working properly and be sure to have a plunger on hand.

Your Local Plumber

Whether you’re hosting a small party or large bash, make sure that help is close at hand for unforeseen problems. At Dent Air Conditioning, we offer timely plumbing services, so that you can relax and enjoy the holiday fun. Take a moment to bookmark our plumbing solutions in your browser or call us at 601-912-0535 for more information.

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