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Are you experiencing frequent power outages in your Jackson, Mississippi, home? No matter the cause, power outages disrupt life. Read on to learn the common causes for power outages and how to restore your electricity.

Severe Weather

In most cases, your home’s power goes out because a circuit breaker or a fuse has tripped or something has happened to a power line. In the latter instance, severe weather is usually to blame. To prepare for wind knocking a tree branch onto a power line or lightning striking a utility pole, consider investing in a high-quality home generator.

Rummaging Rodents

While weather is usually the cause of power outages, there are other instances in which your power might go out. If you’re experiencing a power outage and there’s no explainable reason for it, it might be because of a rummaging rodent chewing through electrical wiring. With so many wires in your home, you’ll need an electrician to inspect it.

Electrical Failure

If your home is the only one without power on your block, or if only a few of your household items have lost power, your electrical system is likely to blame for the outages. If you’ve damaged your service panel, your standard 120-volt outlets might work perfectly while your 240-volt outlets don’t. In this case, your large appliances won’t work.

While most power outages caused by external factors require you to wait for a utility company to restore electricity, some require professional attention inside your home. Before calling an electrician, though, try flipping your circuit breakers and changing your blown fuses. Redistribute the power between different devices.

If none of these simple electrical repairs work, it’s time to call a professional electrician. Contact Dent Air Conditioning at 601-912-0535 to schedule an inspection or to learn more about our high-quality home generators, which can help you secure your comfort and safety during the longest of power outages in Jackson, Mississippi.

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