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You may have experienced a common problem with a sudden change in your shower’s water temperature after flushing the toilet. Changes can also occur if someone runs hot or cold water at a sink or turns on an appliance that uses water. Although some such situations can be comical, if the water is too hot, it can result in serious burns. If you experience these problems when flushing the toilet, it is important to understand the cause and to consider some plumbing changes in your Jackson, Mississippi home.

What Causes Changes in Pressure and Temperature

As water travels through your plumbing system, the use of hot or cold water in another location by an appliance, toilet, or other fixture can draw away from the hot or cold supply traveling to your shower. This may change the ratio of hot to cold water reaching the shower, which can result in an unexpected change in temperature. In extreme cases, your shower can deliver very hot or very cold water because of the demand elsewhere. You can also experience a significant and sudden loss of water pressure if a lot of water is being used in another part of the house.

Fixing the Problem

The structure of your plumbing system could be a cause of the problem. Although you may be able to minimize such issues by coordinating well with other members of the household, it is wise to consider revamping older plumbing to compensate for temperature changes. Another quick fix includes reducing the amount of water the toilet uses since flushing can draw the cold water from where it is actually needed.

A pressure-balance valve installed in your shower can adjust the temperature automatically as needed. The special valve is designed to prevent changes of more than three degrees. Such a device is particularly important as it can prevent scalding incidents. Installation of such equipment is becoming a standard for new construction as well as for plumbing renovations.

Work with Reliable Professionals

Don’t risk safety and comfort. If you are experiencing this kind of water temperature problem in your home, it is important to work with knowledgeable professionals like those at Dent Air Conditioning. Your technician can ensure that your plumbing system functions properly. Learn more about our plumbing solutions, or call us today at 601-912-0535 to speak with an expert.

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