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If you are concerned that the United States receives too much of its energy sources from other countries, you are not alone. The Advanced Energy Center, an independent research organization located in Tennessee, shares this concern. After researching the issue extensively for the past few years, the Advanced Energy Center determined that roughly one-half of the energy used for HVAC systems and other sources comes from outside of the United States. The organization presented its findings to Congress and requested that it make energy independence by 2016 a goal for the entire nation. 

Why Dent Air Conditioning Supports the Advanced Energy Center

Dent Air Conditioning, a HVAC system company located in Jackson, Mississippi, agrees with the Advanced Energy Center that something must be done to reverse the trend of relying on foreign countries for sources of energy. Our company is also concerned about the vulnerable position that too much reliance on other countries puts us in here in the United States. If our energy suppliers suddenly become hostile to the United States or are unable to provide additional energy resources, it could have a drastic effect on homes and businesses here. Although 2016 is only four years away, we believe our country can reach the goal of energy independence by that time if everyone works together.

What are Some Possible Solutions?

One way to reduce energy dependency on other nations is for homeowners in Jackson and across the country to agree to a home energy audit. A home energy audit is an ideal way to find out where you stand in regards to energy use and what you could do to decrease energy consumption. After receiving a home energy audit report, you and the energy auditors can work together to make changes in the way your family uses energy.

The use of natural energy sources is another possibility that home and business owners have in response to the energy crisis. Most homeowners in Jackson agree that their HVAC system is one of their biggest energy users. You can help to save money and the environment by upgrading to a more energy efficient HVAC system. An added benefit is that air conditioners and heat pumps manufactured in the past few years use Puron to power the equipment. In the past, Freon was the default refrigerant gas, which had unfortunate consequences for the ozone layers of the earth.

Solar energy and geothermal heating and cooling are now realistic possibilities for both residential and commercial property owners in Jackson. Solar energy directs the power of the sun to heat your water, while geothermal heating and cooling makes use of the consistent underground temperature by piping that air into your home. 

Dent Air Conditioning is Here to Help

Whether you are interested in a home energy audit, preventative maintenance, new installation or repair work; Dent Air Conditioning offers you professional and affordable services. Don’t forget that we offer plumbing and electrical services in addition to cooling and heating.

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