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When homeowners in Jackson, Mississippi, experience leaks, they often try to tackle the problem but don’t address it fully. If you’ve recently had a leak in your home, it might adversely affect air quality. Professionals can assess your plumbing issues and provide advice.

Water Often Causes Hidden Damage

One of the unfortunate characteristics of water is that it can cause damage quickly. If someone leaves a faucet running in a sink with a closed drain, the bathroom can flood in a matter of minutes. In addition, anyone who has ever experienced a burst pipe knows the panicked feeling that often occurs when a person watches helplessly as water gushes out from under a sink.

When a leak is small, you can clean it with towels and mops. However, many people don’t realize that water can seep into walls, under floorboards and penetrate other unseen places. If that happens, the problems for respective households often stem beyond the initial leaks.

Microbial Growth Thrives in Moist Environments

A damp environment helps microbial growth flourish. Areas of the home that are too moist frequently develop unpleasant smells that can make rooms nearly uninhabitable and make allergies and asthma worse. Even if the effects of microbial growth are not visible, they could still be polluting the air and increasing your family’s exposure to contaminants. As a result, it can increase your risk to illness.

In addition to potentially causing health hazards, microbial growth can compromise your home’s structure and reduce its value. That can mean you needing to settle for a lower-than-expected selling price if you decide to put it on the market.

If you’re concerned about an ongoing or past plumbing issue affecting your home’s air quality, let us help. Call Dent Air Conditioning at 601-912-0535. We also offer 24/7 emergency service in case you’re dealing with an urgent plumbing matter.

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