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Have you ever noticed seasonal discomfort issues in your home? While temperature issues are the major concerns of most homeowners during hot or cold weather, there are some subtle comfort problems that can crop up in connection with your heating and air conditioner operation. Dry skin, itchy eyes and hoarseness are among some of the more common ailments, especially during winter HVAC operation.

Indoor Air Quality and Your HVAC System

Humidity plays a huge role in the quality of air in your home. Summer use of your air conditioner can affect these levels slightly, reducing them through dehumidification. Winter use of your heat pump or furnace can have a pronounced effect on indoor conditions, removing practically all moisture from your indoor environment. Many of the physical discomforts directly correlate to the moisture levels in your home.

Comfort Solutions for Humidity

There are several equipment options to think about in dealing with varied comfort and seasonal problems in your home. These include:

  • Humidifiers – infusion of additional moisture into your indoor environment can limit issues related to dryness, including problems with dry and cracked skin, hoarse voices and shocks from static electricity buildup
  • Dehumidification equipment – although your air conditioner serves as a dehumidifier to a degree, the pronounced moisture levels of the Ridgeland, MS summer can cause conditions in your home to be sticky and uncomfortable, leading to a need for a supplemental dehumidification system
  • Ventilation – some ventilation equipment is designed to bring fresh air into the home while removing moisture to limit comfort and odor problems

Additional Comfort and Air Quality Issues

One of the less noticeable air quality problems in the home is the presence of microscopic pollutants. While your air filter can remove some of these materials from circulation, many more continue in your air stream. These materials can aggravate allergies, amplifying issues like itchy eyes, breathing problems and sneezing. Many homeowners find that an electronic air cleaner enhances indoor conditions by eliminating pollutants from circulation.

The Role of Preventive Maintenance in Home Comfort

Many of our customers schedule preventive air conditioner maintenance to improve the function of their heating and air conditioning equipment. However, this service also enhances personal comfort because of the cleaning that takes place. Your AC system, for example, can harbor dust and mold, affecting your health and comfort by allowing these materials to continue in the air stream. Additionally, these problems can affect the efficiency of your AC unit in dehumidifying your indoor air during summer use. When your system is optimized, all aspects of personal comfort in your home are enhanced.

Diagnostics and Solutions

As a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, Dent Air Conditioning can test your indoor air to address pollution concerns. We can also provide an overview of the best comfort solutions to address varied humidity problems. We have access to some of the most innovative air quality products on the market, enabling us to find the perfect solution for your home. Call us today to get started. 

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