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With the cold weather, you may be seeing the dollars add up on your utility bills. While home heating is important for both comfort and safety in many regions, it’s also important to consider money saving tips that will allow you to keep your family’s budget intact. There are several ways to improve your home’s energy performance without racking up huge bills or compromising personal comfort.

How to Improve Home Energy Efficiency

You don’t have to shut off your furnace to save money this season. However, settings can play a significant part in lowering your costs. One of the most important steps in keeping your home comfort costs down is managing your thermostat.

Temperature Moderation

Energy Star recommends using specific thermostat settings at various points in the day. While the recommended setpoints may not provide enough heat for your preferences, the concept of systematic setting changes can reduce waste. Many households experience high bills because of high heating settings. Others suffer from elevated costs because of random setting changes. With a programmable thermostat, you can take charge through specific settings and adjustments. Energy Star recommendations are as follows for winter heating:

  • Waking temperature – below 70
  • Daytime temperature – reduce waking setpoint by at least eight degrees
  • Evening temperature – return to waking setpoint
  • Night temperature – reduce evening temperature by at least eight degrees

If these settings seem too chilly for your needs, you have the freedom to adjust based on your preferences. By programming your system for automatic increases and decreases, you can moderate your home environment carefully. Remember that an eight-hour reduction of one degree can cut approximately one percent from your heating bills.

Home Sealing and Insulation

A comprehensive approach to home sealing can trim up to 10 percent from your heating and cooling costs. You can do basic sealing of windows and doors with products like silicone and weather stripping. Supplemental insulation should be handled with some consideration of your existing materials. You may want to consult with a professional to ensure that you don’t overfill spaces that need to have room for ventilation.

System Maintenance

Your heating equipment should be fine-tuned prior to use each winter. A heating technician can inspect parts to evaluate their condition, recommending replacements for worn parts, cleaning residue from sensors and heat exchangers and checking for leaks. In addition to ensuring optimum operation, your technician can verify that your equipment is operating safely. Heating fires and carbon monoxide poisoning events can increase significantly during the winter months, and the inspection of your equipment can help limit your potential for such problems. An optimized heating system can save you money on your energy bills as well.

Home Performance Evaluation

The professionals at Dent Air Conditioning can provide an energy assessment if you are experiencing significant problems with high energy bills. Additionally, we offer preventive maintenance for your Jackson, MS heating system. You can contact our office to discuss your service needs today.

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