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Many residents in the Jackson, Mississippi, believe they’re doing things to save energy. That’s until they receive their high energy bills. Something called vampire energy is often to blame. Vampire energy is the electricity appliances consume when in standby mode or turned off. You can reduce vampire energy with simple, low-cost techniques.

How Does Vampire Energy Limit Your Home’s Efficiency?

Like many people, you may have invested in energy-efficient HVAC systems, kitchen appliances and even light bulbs. However, the effect of those investments won’t be as noticeable unless you take a similarly dedicated approach to cutting off vampire energy sources.

Unfortunately, some of the appliances that are most often to blame for consuming unnecessary energy are those that people nearly forget about when they’re not used. That makes the unexpectedly high energy bills even more discouraging.

Solutions for Reducing Vampire Energy

It’s not as difficult as you may think to get to the source of vampire energy. One of the most convenient options is to buy a power strip and connect frequently used devices to it.

Flip the power strip’s switch to the off position to prevent the gadgets from going into standby modes. Some of the most advanced options even sense if there’s a mobile phone connected to a charger plugged into the strip. Once fully charged, it’ll automatically cut power to the phone.

You can also post reminders around your home to help your family members get in the habit of unplugging devices after use. As a result, it’ll help improve efficiency and increase savings.

An efficiently running air conditioner also helps you save money by cutting down on preventable expenses. To get in touch with our professionals at Dent Air Conditioning to schedule air conditioning maintenance, call 601-912-0535. We’re here to help you save.

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