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When the time comes for a new HVAC system, it is important to do thorough research before you make a financial commitment. As with most large purchases for your home, there are questions you can ask that will help you come to a confident position and feel good about your new HVAC installation.  Dent Air Conditioning understands your concerns and has compiled three major questions that will help you navigate the pros and cons during the process of installing a new HVAC system.

When is it Time to Upgrade?

HVAC systems are complex machines with many interconnected components, and like all machines, they do wear out eventually. How long you can go between replacements depends mostly on the type of system you’re using. Air conditioners and conventional heat pumps are designed to last eight to 10 years. Furnaces can last 20 or more, and boilers tend to have a comparable or slightly longer lifespan. Geothermal heat pumps are particularly long-lasting; the above-ground components are good for 20 to 25 years, and the underground loop can last 50 or more.Those average lifespans are good guidelines, but it’s important to consider individual circumstances when it comes to system replacement. If you’ve had multiple maintenance issues with a given system in the past few years, it may be time to start fresh with a new one.

What’s a Load Calculation, Anyway?

A load calculation is a professional assessment of your home’s climate control needs, accounting for square footage, layout, insulation and other factors. For heating installation projects, we use a similar calculation called a heat loss calculation. The upshot of doing a load calculation is that it makes sure your new system is properly sized, which avoids the efficiency and maintenance issues that come with improper sizing.Load calculations are obviously important when you’re choosing a system for a newly constructed home, but we recommend getting one even if you’re replacing an existing system. After all, your old air conditioner may have been improperly sized, or your home’s cooling needs may have changed in the intervening time.

Who Can I Trust?

With so many HVAC companies out there offering great deals on new systems, it can be tough to find the best service provider. Within the industry, though, the most highly regarded companies are factory authorized dealers. Every factory authorized dealer has been through a rigorous assessment process based on third-party customer satisfaction surveys, and each employs primarily NATE-certified technicians, the industry’s most highly qualified credentials. Moreover, factory authorized dealers are specialists in the brands of systems they install, and they know both the manufacturer’s specifications and state and local building codes.At Dent Air Conditioning, we’re proud to be a Carrier FAD and even prouder of the reputation we’ve earned as one of the top Jackson HVAC companies. Our technicians will carefully assess your home’s climate control needs and help you choose the right system to meet those needs. A new heat pump or air conditioner from Dent Air Conditioning will be exactly what you need to enjoy efficient, effective climate control for years to come.
Carrier FAD NATE Certified Energy Star