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Preparation is the key to preventing a worst-case scenario. Considering how much homeowners in Jackson, Mississippi, rely on their electricity, every household should have a high-quality home generator in it. Here’s why:

Power Your Home During Unexpected Outages

No matter which neighborhood you live in in Jackson, Mississippi, your home will eventually experience a power outage. While some power outages can last for as little as a few minutes, others can disrupt your life for hours, days or even weeks.

From rummaging rodents and utility failures to car accidents and human error, there’s a range of things that can cause your power to go out. If you invest in a high-quality home generator, though, you’ll be able to:

  • Power lights and essential appliances
  • Stay comfortable and keep food from spoiling
  • Protect your quality of life and routine
  • Help the environment by not using batteries

Secure Your Safety During Severe Storms

In Jackson, Mississippi, most long-lasting power outages occur because of severe summer storms. Whether there’s a hurricane, a tornado or a strong thunderstorm in the area, the last thing you want to be left without is electricity.

A high-quality home generator helps minimize your reliance on the energy company in such circumstances. Here are some safety tips to keep in mind when operating your home generator after a severe summer storm:

  • Never use the generator inside your home, including the basement or garage.
  • Make sure the generator cools down before you refuel it.
  • Store fuel for the generator in a safe and protected area outside the home.
  • Connect the equipment you want to power directly to the generator’s outlets.

Are you debating whether to invest in a standby or a portable generator for your home? Let Dent Air Conditioning help you make the best choice. Whether for a home or a business, we’ll ensure you choose the right power supply for your comfort needs. Contact us today at 601-912-0535 to learn more about our stock of Generac generators.

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