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Have you been sneezing and coughing like crazy this winter? You probably assume you have a common cold. The truth is, your home’s indoor air quality might be causing your symptoms. From active winter allergens in Jackson, Mississippi, to airborne contaminants in your home, there’s a range of indoor pollutants that can harm your health.


Dust in homes is comprised of many small particles, including plant pollen, animal hairs, human skin cells and more. Home dust mites collect where humans live, especially in dark, warm and humid climates. They especially flourish in carpets, bedding and upholstered furniture. People with asthma are particularly allergic to dust mites.

Cleaning tip: When you dust your home, it can take up to two hours for dust mites to settle on surfaces out of the air. For effective dusting, wipe all surfaces in your home, wait for two hours and vacuum all areas efficiently.

Pet Dander

Many homeowners in Jackson, Mississippi, have furry friends in their households. Unfortunately for those who suffer from allergies, pet dander can cause a variety of moderate to severe allergy symptoms.

Pet dander includes tiny particles of skin that have shed from pets with fur or feathers. Cats, dogs, rabbits and ferrets all shed pet dander. No matter the size of the pet or dander, it’s an issue if you’re allergic.

Cleaning tip: To keep pet dander under control, change your air filter every month, vacuum every week and groom your furry friends as often as possible. As a result, you’ll enjoy each other’s company for many years to come.

Microbial Growth

In a relatively humid climate like Jackson, Mississippi, microbial growth isn’t uncommon, especially during the muggy summers. The key to preventing microbial growth in your home is to regulate its humidity between 40 and 60 percent.

Cleaning tip: Invest in a high-quality whole-home dehumidifier for the summer and humidifier for the winter.

Don’t let poor indoor air quality impact your family’s health and comfort. Contact Dent Air Conditioning today at 601-912-0535 to learn more about our range of high-quality indoor air quality services and solutions.

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