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The daytime temperatures in Jackson, Mississippi, have been relatively mild to start the year, but residents have felt freezing conditions at night. While your heater is ready to handle the sub-zero temperatures if you’ve maintained it properly, your plumbing system is likely vulnerable. Here are three plumbing problems caused by cold weather:

Leaking or Busted Pipes

There’s no need to water grass in January. If you leave hoses hanging around your yard during the winter, they can pose a big problem when the cold weather blows in. Hoses not stored inside for the season can cause water to build up and freeze around spigots. This can lead to excess pressure and eventually result in leaking or busted pipes.

Solution: Turn off the spigots around your home. Drain and put your hoses away for the winter.

Water Heater Working Overtime

Waking up on a cold morning in Jackson, Mississippi, only to find that there isn’t hot water is never fun. Jumping in a cold shower during the winter is akin to suffering sunburn during the summer. Since families tend to spend more time indoors and use more hot water during the winter, it isn’t a surprise your hot water heater works overtime. Plus, your water heater has to heat colder water. That added stress can lead to an unexpected and expensive breakdown.

Solution: Schedule a professional inspection to ensure your hot water heater is ready for the winter workload.

Clogged Drains

The holiday season might be over, but your kitchen sink’s drain probably doesn’t think so. Think about all that grease and all those food particles that have been thrown into it after your festive dinners. Since pipes are colder during the winter, grease tends to harden in them faster. That extra sludge can collect quickly and clog your pipes.

Solution: Don’t dump grease and food particles down the sink; instead, dump them in the trash.

Are you dealing with plumbing issues related to cold weather conditions? Contact Dent Air Conditioning at 601-912-0535 for fast and friendly service.

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