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Flooding is one of the costliest plumbing problems a homeowner in Jackson, Mississippi, can face. Whether it’s because of a busted pipe, a broken water heater or a severe storm, there’s no telling how or when it’ll happen. But when it does, you’ll need a professional plumber to visit your home to prevent further water damage. Unless you’re a certified plumber, here are three plumbing problems that you should leave to the professionals.

Corroded Pipes

Old pipes usually aren’t a problem until it’s too late and you’re experiencing a small leak or, worse, flooding caused by a major burst. Iron and galvanized steel, which were once common materials used to make pipes, eventually corrode without proper maintenance. To ensure your pipes are in good condition or you catch a developing problem early, it’s advised that you schedule a visit from a professional plumber to inspect your plumbing system thoroughly.

Low Water Pressure

With so many possible reasons for low water pressure, pinpointing this problem can become quite annoying without professional help. And once you find the problem, it’s possible that you’ll need a plumber to also repair it.

Common Causes for Low Water Pressure

  • Your faucet’s aerator screen is dirty.
  • You need to change your shower head or clean its aerator screen.
  • There’s a leak somewhere in your home’s plumbing system.

Clogged Drain

Most homeowners know how to unclog a toilet within minutes, and in most cases, you can use a plunger to unclog a drain too. But some clogs are just too big for a plunger. If you’re unable to clear the clog because it’s too far down the pipeline, you’ll need a professional plumber to inspect the piping and find the exact spot of the blockage.

Trying to fix a plumbing problem on your own can lead to more property damage and higher repair costs, not to mention the added stress. If you’re dealing with a plumbing emergency in Jackson, Mississippi, and need professional help, contact Dent Air Conditioning at 601-912-0535. Our team is standing by to help you right away.

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