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Your efforts to keep your Jackson, Mississippi home comfortable during cold weather can cause a spike in energy bills. If you reduce home heat loss, you will see increased comfort and a reduction in energy bills. There are many changes or upgrades that you can make to effectively reduce heat loss and energy consumption.

As you try to keep your home warm during the heating season, look around for any way in which your home could be wasting energy. Heat loss causes your heating system to work harder to provide the right temperatures throughout your home. This increased use of energy results in a higher heating bill. The following are ways in which you can keep your home warm and your costs down:

  • Seal leaks and make sure your home is well insulated. Check around all the windows and outside doors for any leaks or cracks. To keep warm air in and reduce drafts, use caulk to seal windows and cracks. You can greatly decrease drafts and heat loss by adding weatherstripping to your doors.

  • Make sure your heating system is working efficiently. To ensure your system is working properly, check it often and change the air filter regularly. You will save energy and keep costs down with simple maintenance.

  • If you don’t have a programmable thermostat, consider having one installed. A programmable thermostat helps your heating system to operate more efficiently.

  • Check your ductwork for leaks. Leaky ducts can cause warm air to escape to areas that aren’t in need of heating. This can waste energy and raise heating bills. You may need to contact a professional to help repair or replace ductwork.

  • Reverse ceiling fans. Reversing your ceiling fans so it spins in a clockwise direction will help to maintain warmth by drawing the heat downward.

  • At night, create a barrier between the warmth inside your home and the cold outside with thicker curtains.

  • Consider replacing your windows if they are old and not energy efficient. Opt for Low-E, multiple pane windows. If this is more costly than you would like, consider installing storm windows over your existing windows.

For more information on how to reduce home heat loss, or if you are in need of HVAC services, contact Dent Air Conditioning today. Call us at 601-912-0535 to schedule an appointment.

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