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As a home or business owner in Ridgeland, your heating and air conditioning system does a great amount of work in keeping your indoor space comfortable and at an ideal temperature and humidity level. Air conditioners, heat pumps and furnaces are complex machines and like any other machine, they require regular HVAC service in order to effectively and efficiently perform their jobs. Our experts in HVAC service in Ridgeland explain the benefits of regular heating and cooling service and maintenance and how you can schedule your service today.

Benefits of HVAC Maintenance
Whether your have a heat pump, furnace, boiler, central air conditioning system or a combination of these for your home’s heating and cooling functions, each of these units requires regular servicing in order to operate at its peak level of performance. Sticking with a regular preventive maintenance schedule for your heating and cooling system will result in a greater level of comfort, lower operating cost and longer system lifespan for the HVAC components.

Energy Efficiency
Even a seemingly small issue with your heating and cooling system can cause the unit to consume an undue amount of fuel or electricity. A dirty air filter alone can increase energy usage by 5 to 15 percent compared to when the system is functioning with a clean air filter. Dirty condenser and evaporator unit coils, debris around the condenser unit cabinet and dirty air vents can also cause your heating and cooling unit to lose efficiency. Our maintenance services improve the energy efficiency of your heating and cooling system and could lower your utility bills by 10 percent or more each month.

Indoor Comfort
A poorly maintained system does an equally poor job at maintaining a comfortable indoor environment. Scheduling a springtime tune-up and a fall tune-up of your HVAC system ensures that your home or business will be at an ideal temperature and humidity level regardless of the outdoor weather conditions.

System Longevity
Keeping the motor and fans cleaned and lubricated, the belts in good condition and servicing all the other mechanical and electrical components of your HVAC system may extend the system’s life expectancy. This could yield thousands of dollars of savings compared to replacing your HVAC system earlier than necessary.

Our HVAC Services
We offer all types of heating and cooling system maintenance for our community’s home and business owners. We offer on-call service and a money and time saving service agreement program for home and business owners alike.

At Dent Air Conditioning, we offer HVAC service in Ridgeland for residential and commercial customers so that you can enjoy consistent and constant comfort all year long. Our HVAC service team has many years of experience providing the best in class heating and air conditioning service and products throughout the Ridgeland area. We have built a solid reputation for service that is on time, reliable and affordable. Whether you need a fall maintenance visit or any other HVAC service, our team at Dent Air Conditioning looks forward to assisting you.

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