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If you’ve installed indoor air quality equipment, you may think that you are ready for the spring allergy season. However, your equipment can accumulate dirt with use, making it important to consider maintenance service to ensure that you will achieve optimum levels of IAQ each year. Additionally, it’s important to remember that any mechanical equipment can experience wear and tear with use. Regular maintenance is important for the best management of pollution issues in your home.

Air Quality Equipment Maintenance

Your IAQ issues and related equipment are unique to your home. It’s easy to assume that turning on a system component will lead to the proper function. However, an accumulation of dirt on equipment can inhibit its performance. Moving parts may need lubrication for optimum function. It’s also important to have electronic components checked to ensure excellent system performance. Some units to consider servicing include:

  • Air cleaners – the type of air cleaner installed in your home may determine the level of maintenance needed. An electric air cleaner, for example, should be tested for proper function. Cleaning of the unit will promote optimum performance as well. Your regular air filter should be changed before you begin to use your equipment for circulation in the spring or for cooling in the summer. If you will use your fan to move fresh air through the house during the spring months, check the filter’s condition again prior to switching to cooling mode.
  • Ventilators – your energy recovery ventilator should be evaluated for clear paths for incoming and outgoing air. Cleaning of the ducts may be needed to promote a clean and efficient flow of air into the home, and outgoing ducts should be checked for dirt buildup that could inhibit the movement of polluted air out of your home. Additionally, the paper core in your ERV should be inspected and replaced as needed to ensure that incoming air is filtered to limit the influx of outside pollutants.
  • UV lamps – if you rely on a UV lamp to kill biomaterials in your air handler, you should have the unit checked to ensure that it is performing appropriately.

Combine IAQ Equipment Checks with HVAC Maintenance

The best way to ensure that you will continue to benefit from optimized IAQ is to combine the maintenance of related equipment with your annual AC tune-up. Because the inspection and cleaning of your air conditioner contributes to your home’s air quality, this is a priority service for the spring. Cleaning of your indoor coils removes the grimy layer of dirt that can promote the growth of biomaterials, and the adjustment of your blower motor and parts can enhance airflow in your home so that those indoor pollutants don’t settle.

Duct inspection and service should also be considered in conjunction with your AC tune-up and IAQ maintenance. This may promote better airflow while reducing the influx of pollutants into your home from crawl spaces or the attic. Duct services may only be required every three to five years once your initial inspection and services are completed.

Dent Air Conditioning Air provides comprehensive IAQ services to our Jackson, MS customers. You can schedule your AC tune-up and IAQ maintenance at your convenience when you call our office.

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