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As summer temperatures begin to climb, you may be concerned about the rise in utility costs that can result. While an increase in A/C use does equate to higher electricity usage, you can keep the related expenses in check through some strategic efforts to improve comfort management in your home. Many of these strategies are very affordable and well worth the time and minimal costs involved.

A/C Tune-Up Service

When an air conditioner isn’t blowing with enough pressure or is producing air that doesn’t seem very cold, it’s easy to dismiss the issue as a result of aging equipment. However, you may waste a lot of energy needlessly by ignoring such performance problems. An air conditioning tune-up can make a dramatic difference in air pressure and temperature results as system components are cleaned, adjusted and inspected. In extreme cases, clean evaporator coils could result in a 20 percent decrease in cooling energy usage. A refrigerant recharge could also make a big difference in system performance. A tune-up is an affordable way to be sure that your system is operating according to manufacturer standards.

Thermostat Setting Recommendations

A programmable thermostat allows you to make changes in temperature settings based on your household’s schedule and needs. You can select units that address your typical schedule so that programming is simple and sensible. Energy experts recommend that you begin with a comfortable setpoint for the morning. Make adjustments as follows:

  • Start the day with your setpoint temperature.
  • Increase the settings for times when you will be out of the house.
  • Return to your setpoint for evening activities.
  • Increase settings for nighttime air conditioning.

You shouldn’t need to operate your system as extensively while you are out of the house, meaning that you can program changes based on school or work schedules. Evening cooling activity isn’t as intense because of lower outside conditions at night. One degree of change sustained for at least eight hours can result in a savings of approximately 1 percent in energy usage, and programmed settings ensure that you can make these changes consistent and effective as you endeavor to manage your energy bills.

Operate Ceiling Fans

A fan provides ventilation, allowing sweat to evaporate from the skin and resulting in a cooler feeling at a higher temperature. You don’t need to operate these units in vacant rooms as they don’t actually alter temperatures. However, occupants of a room can enjoy a more comfortable environment without extensive temperature adjustments when a fan is used strategically.

Cover Your Windows

High-efficiency windows are still responsible for up to one-fourth of your home’s heat gain during the summer. Insulated curtains, reflective blinds or window shades can reduce this heat gain by one-third or more. In many cases, your existing materials may be sufficient. Just remember to shade the windows during times of extreme heat or direct sunlight.

If you need assistance in identifying additional energy savings options, the professionals at Dent Air Conditioning are available for a home performance evaluation. We also offer affordable tune-up service to ensure that your air conditioner is ready for the hot months in Ridgeland MS. Call us to schedule an appointment.

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