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In order to keep the temperatures of your Madison, MS, home comfortable, you’ll need an HVAC system. With a heating and cooling unit, you’ll have a piece of equipment that will deliver air temperatures according to your needs. When you call us at Dent Air Conditioning, our service experts will help you with a number of air conditioning repair issues or replacement questions.

AC Repair
When your HVAC system begins to fail, you’ll have to decide whether you want to replace or repair the unit. If your personal finances are slim in today’s economy, then it may benefit your budget to schedule an AC repair.

Our repair specialists can replace parts such as your system’s compressor, evaporator coil or circuit board. We can charge your unit’s Freon or refrigerant levels and eliminate clogs. With clogs, your home will be at risk for water damage. Therefore, you’ll want to contact our AC repair department right away when you have a blocked line.

The Benefits of Regular HVAC System Maintenance
You can extend the life of your cooling machine by completing routine maintenance. You should regularly change your system’s air filter. When your unit’s air filter is full of dirt and grime, then air is unable to pass through, which will cause your system’s workload to increase. After you change the filter, check the part monthly to determine a replacement schedule.

With regular maintenance, you will find a small repair problem before it turns into an extensive fix. For instance, by checking your unit’s drain pan, you’ll spot clogs prior to their causing expensive water damage.

If you invest in a service package through our HVAC company, then we will complete comprehensive maintenance. For example, our technicians will thoroughly clean your unit including your fan blades, evaporator coil and exterior parts. With our help, your unit will surely cool your home for many years.

Signs That It May Be Time to Replace Your Heating and Cooling Unit
When you contact our AC repair department for service, we may recommend that you buy a new unit. Several factors can help you decide whether to replace or repair your heating and cooling system.

If your unit is beginning to fail, then you should consider the age of your machine. With systems that are older than 10 years, you will receive significant energy savings by purchasing a modern unit. In fact, you may see a utility bill reduction of up to 20 percent.

Other replacement considerations include your system’s repair frequency. If your unit is beginning to require repair more often, then it may be time to invest in a new system. Also, check your home for uncomfortable sections. For example, you may have a room that is warmer or colder than other areas of your home. When your room temperatures fluctuate, your unit is not working consistently, and you may need to replace the system

Once you call us at Dent Air Conditioning to service your Madison, MS, heating and cooling unit, you’ll receive quality HVAC system maintenance, assistance and repair.

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