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In Madison, MS, lack of adequate ventilation causes many roofs to fail, mold to grow and houses to become unhealthy. The ductwork is a source of many problems in attics and ceilings. If it is not maintained, leaks allow moisture to accumulate, leading to damages. Dent Air Conditioning wants to help you save money by learning about your home, HVAC system and eliminating moisture.

Some of the systems available to provide ventilation to the attic include:

  • Ridge vents
  • Cupolas
  • Solar powered attic fans
  • Grid powered attic fans
  • Air turbines

These involve installation in the attic and vents in the soffits. The charge is minimal compared to the savings. Basic turbines with soffit vents can reduce the utility costs up to 20 percent or more, depending on the climate. 

Maintaining the ductwork is essential for the proper functioning of your HVAC system. Repairing leaks and insulation eliminates condensation that would cause mold growth. Excess heat in the attic will infiltrate the ducts if insulation is not in place. This causes the air conditioner to work harder, resulting in higher bills. Providing ventilation allows the heat to escape the attic. This also lets moisture escape as well.

Installing residential zoning units in the ductwork is another way to help the home’s ventilation. These units are equipped with dampers and thermostats. Each person can have his or her own custom temperature throughout the day. By controlling the rooms receiving cooling, the utility bills will be lower as well.

Home automation is a new technology that helps with the ventilation of the house. The system controls the HVAC system, security, interior and exterior lights, entertainment system and more. Having the ductwork cleaned and maintained annually will make the most of your home’s health.

Dent Air Conditioning can help keep your Madison, MS, home comfortable all year long. 

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