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Your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system must perform well in the hot, humid, Jackson, Mississippi summers to maintain a comfortable indoor environment. The add-on components are just as important as the main mechanical sections. New generation thermostats control more than temperature. Many also control humidity, regulate airflow, and keep the indoor air fresh and clean. Dent Air Conditioning offers several types of thermostats to keep your home comfortable, and help you save money and fuel.

Programmable Climate Control

When programmable thermostats are used correctly, they can help you to save significantly on your annual energy bills. When you need cool air, set the device to 78 degrees or as high as possible without sacrificing comfort and humidity control. When you are away for several hours, set the thermostat to a higher temperature. By doing so, you will avoid wasting energy cooling the building when no one is there. You can program the unit to start cooling at a specific time so that you return home to desirable temperatures.

Settings That Complement Your Needs and Lifestyle

Many models control zones and individual rooms independently. For some models, remote control programming is available via WiFi and accessible by smartphone or computer.

By tailoring temperature settings to your schedule, programmable climate control devices can save energy and money on fuel in both summer and winter. Some allow different settings for each day of the week. Others offer a five-day option for the work week with separate settings for weekends. Up to six different temperature settings can be programmed for each day, such as automatically adjusting for nighttime and when you wake up.

Indoor Climate Control Options by Dent Air Conditioning

Dent Air Conditioning provides heating, air conditioning, electrical, and plumbing services for communities around Jackson, Mississippi. Our NATE-certified technicians work on all models of HVAC equipment.

We can help you select a new thermostat that suits your lifestyle, and we will customize programming for optimum comfort. Call 601-912-0535 to speak with one of our technicians about how you can save energy throughout the year with a smart or programmable thermostat.

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