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Would you set off on a cross-country road trip without tuning up your auto? That would be inviting trouble. Skipping HVAC equipment tuneups invites trouble as well. Heating and cooling systems work 24/7; they require annual service to get the job done.

Skipping Maintenance Doesn’t Mean Saving Money

Saving money is a high priority for most homeowners, so it’s easy to think that cheating on scheduled service here and there will save more than it costs. Over time, skipping tuneups will cost more than it saves. Studies show that up to 95 percent of potential repair costs can be prevented with scheduled service. The loose electrical connection that went unnoticed because of a skipped service visit and resulted in a short-circuited air conditioner might cost you three times as much as a tuneup — or more.

Going Without Tuneups Does Increase Energy Costs

A tuned-up system performs optimally, optimized performance maximizes energy efficiency, and energy-efficient operation translates into lower utility bills. When you skip scheduled service, performance suffers and energy costs escalate.

Postponing Scheduled Service can Cause Premature HVAC Death

An important part of tuneups is cleaning. HVAC equipment gets dirty over the course of a year, and the dirtier the system, the harder it must work. That increases energy bills and causes unnecessary wear and tear that ages heating and cooling equipment prematurely. Damages caused by one year of skipped service cannot be undone, and the buildup of grime and grit can strain the compressor of your air conditioner and damage the components of your furnace. When you consider that furnace operation involves gases and combustion, ignoring heater tuneups can actually be dangerous.

Maintenance is easy and affordable; system breakdowns are inconvenient, expensive and disruptive. To save with scheduled service and avoid premature heating and air conditioner breakdowns and replacements, visit Dent Air Conditioning Air or call (123) 456-7890.

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