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Electricity helps us stay connected, comfortable and entertained. In fact, electricity is such a big part of our everyday lives that we often take it for granted and forget that it’s dangerous when you use it incorrectly. Here are some important tips to consider for safely using outlets, extension cords and appliances in your Brandon, Mississippi, home:


It’s important to routinely inspect electrical outlets. Immediately hire a licensed electrician to replace any that have damaged or loose receptacles. Consider having a professional replace any two-pronged outlets, which are common in homes built before 1965, to safer three-pronged outlets.

It’s also important to install ground fault circuit interrupters in any area where water and electricity may come into contact with each other. That includes rooms like kitchens and bathrooms.

Extension Cords

While power and extension cords are convenient, they’re dangerous if you use them incorrectly. Regularly check any cords you’re using to ensure they’re not damaged, loose or frayed. As a result, you’ll prevent electrical shock, arcing or even an electrical fire.

It’s also important to remember that manufacturers design extension cords for temporary use only. So if you require more power, have a qualified electrician add more circuits or outlets.


It’s tempting to throw away an appliance’s user’s manual with the box. But take the time to read it before using a new appliance. Often, appliances have specific wattage requirements that you might miss. For example, you may learn that you should only use one high-wattage or heat-producing appliance in an outlet at a time.

Electricity can be a wonderful convenience — when you use it safely and correctly. And when it stops working properly, contact the experts electricians at Dent Air Conditioning by calling 601-912-0535. Our professionals will be there to help you when you need them.

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