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Uneven temperatures in your Madison, Mississippi, home can make some members of your family uncomfortable. They can also keep you from sleeping well and force you to use your HVAC system more. You can extend your system’s life and decrease your utility bills by taking care of this problem. Fix uneven home temperatures by using zoning, checking your ductwork and adding insulation.

Use Zoning

A zoning system uses dampers in your ductwork or more than one indoor HVAC unit to control the temperature in different areas or zones of your house independently. That way, you can cool a warm room without making the rest of your home chilly. You can adjust the temperature in your area or zone without impacting others. You can also save energy by avoiding heating or cooling unoccupied rooms.

Check Ductwork

Leaks or gaps in your ductwork can let conditioned air escape before it gets where you need it. Pests, dust, and biological growth can also accumulate in your ducts and reduce your HVAC system’s airflow.

Make sure your air registers are clean, and keep furniture and carpeting away from them. Have your ductwork checked if you notice uncomfortable rooms, strange noises or bad smells. You should also change your system’s air filter at least every three months to avoid clogs.

Add Insulation

You might have a hard time keeping rooms without enough insulation comfortable. Gaps underneath doors or windows can let conditioned air escape and give pests a convenient way into your home.

Turn off your HVAC system, and carry a candle near all your doors, windows and outer walls. If it starts to flicker, there might be a nearby leak. Fortunately, using caulk or weatherstripping to close gaps is quick and easy.

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