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The ubiquity and convenience of indoor plumbing systems such as toilets are something that many homeowners take for granted, until something goes wrong. A toilet that will not fill indicates that there is a problem somewhere within the plumbing system, but it might take some time and persistence to find the cause. These steps can help you troubleshoot the problem and guide you to when professional service is needed.

Causes of a Toilet Not Filling

There are many reasons why a toilet tank or bowl may not completely fill. Although only a professional plumbing repair exert can pinpoint the exact reason why your toilet isn’t filling properly, these are the most common causes of this problem:

  • Low water pressure due to a water main break, flushing of fire hydrants or a water line rupture.
  • Interrupted water supply within your home for the toilet.
  • A faulty fill valve.

Toilet Maintenance and Care

Regular toilet maintenance can help prevent problems such as a toilet that fails to fully fill. Some maintenance that you can do yourself includes:

  • Find out when your community is flushing hydrants and keep up to date on news developments such as water main breaks that can affect your plumbing system.
  • Clean the toilet regularly to prevent the buildup of microorganisms and waste.
  • Check the seals on the toilet each month.
  • Check the flushing mechanisms monthly and replace if the rubber portions or metal become worn or rusted.

When To Seek Professional Plumbing Services

If there is no local interruption in the water service, the water supply to the toilet is intact and the toilet is not leaking, it is time to call in a professional plumber. An expert plumber will troubleshoot and diagnose the problem with your toilet and repair it without the mess or hassle that attempting to do it yourself would involve. Plumbers have the specialty tools and all the necessary supplies on hand to repair most toilet problems in a single visit to your home.

Whether your home has just one toilet or several, it is imperative that they all remain in proper working order. A toilet that does not fill and is left unrepaired could result in damage and more extensive plumbing problems. For more information about common toilet problems, call our Ridgeland, MS, plumbing contractors at Dent Air Conditioning at any time.

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