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As pollen counts begin to rise in Ridgeland, MS, you may be wondering how you are going to avoid overexposure to juniper, cedar and other materials being released. It’s nice to be able to monitor the pollen forecast on your favorite weather website, but this does little to improve conditions inside or out. You might want to investigate the benefits of an air purification system, though, to help protect your home from being overrun with allergens.

What Is an Air Purification System?

Your air conditioning filter is a type of purification unit in that it strains large airborne particles from your home’s environment as the air circulates. You can make some small steps in improving the allergen level inside your home by choosing a filter with a MERV rating from nine to 12. The minimum efficiency rating value indicates the filter’s performance in removing certain types of materials. You should also make sure that your filter’s size is correct.

Unfortunately, an air filter alone may not be enough when pollen counts are high. Your indoor air is many times more polluted than the air outside. Your home’s closed environment makes it easy for pollutants to be trapped inside. An air purification system provides intense filtration of those pollutants.

There are various air cleaner systems to consider integrating into your HVAC system. A cabinet air filter provides more extensive filtration while functioning in a similar manner to your traditional air filter. This type of system component can capture a significant amount of airborne particles while facilitating correct system pressure for your heating and cooling equipment. 

Whole-home air cleaners can also be selected to integrate with your ductwork, filtering out greater percentages of pollutants and neutralizing those that pose a threat to your health. Germicidal models are effective against a variety of harmful bacteria and viruses, making them beneficial beyond allergy season. These models also tend to be effective against odors and volatile compounds, important for those who deal with susceptibility to respiratory problems.

Choosing the Right Air Purification System in Ridgeland, MS

It’s important to make sure that your selected air cleaner is compatible with your HVAC system. MERV ratings on air cleaners can be much higher than those of common air filters, and it’s important to have your ducts and your HVAC equipment evaluated to make sure that your selected air cleaner won’t create a pressure drop in the system. Our technicians at Dent Air Conditioning are able to evaluate your home and provide you with the most suitable options for consideration. We also offer annual maintenance packages and tune-up options for our customers who install air quality equipment. Contact us to discuss your needs and interests.

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