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When it comes to feeling comfortable at home, few investments offer a greater payback than a new AC system. Today’s high-efficiency products not only allow you to cut your energy costs but give you the opportunity to experience a new level of cooling comfort too. Because every home in the Jackson, Mississippi, region is unique, it’s critical to choose a system that meets your personal needs to perfection. Here are the primary factors to consider before making your decision.

Consult the SEER

Energy ratings compare a system’s cooling output to the amount of electrical power it uses, providing you with an easy way to evaluate the efficiency of different products. An acronym for “seasonal energy efficiency ratio,” SEER ratings for air conditioners typically range from 13 to 23, with the higher numbers representing the most energy-efficient AC systems.

Size Matters

Air conditioners are sized according to the amount of BTUs required to cool a specific area. Square footage isn’t the only consideration, however. To get the size just right, a reputable HVAC contractor will conduct a load calculation that evaluates everything from the number of occupants in the home to the structure’s orientation to the sun. It is generally recommended that technicians follow these calculations precisely. A system that is not sized correctly will result in difficulty cooling your home satisfactorily, and you are even likely to see higher energy bills.

Expert Installation

The Environmental Protection Agency reports that improper installation can reduce system efficiency by as much as 30 percent. Installation practices that enhance energy efficiency and performance include:

  • Establishing adequate space around the outdoor unit to ensure proper airflow
  • Accessible space around indoor equipment is also essential for maintenance and repairs
  • Sizing ductwork correctly and ensuring the system is installed in the best location
  • The technician must also ensure the right number of supply and return air registers are included
  • Charging the correct amount of refrigerant

AC Installation Specialists

Since 1954, Dent Air Conditioning has been serving Jackson and the surrounding cities with the best new AC systems the industry has to offer. For more information about affordable ways to keep your home cool, explore our air conditioning services or call us at 601-912-0535.

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