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A dehumidifier can keep your home in Madison, Mississippi, from feeling hot and stuffy in spring and summer. Reducing excess moisture also makes your HVAC system more efficient. You should buy a dehumidifier for a more comfortable home, energy savings and fewer breakdowns. Have a whole-home unit installed by a professional, or use a portable model that works in one or two rooms at a time.

A More Comfortable Home

Most dehumidifiers are quiet and compact, and they make the air feel cooler by helping sweat evaporate from your skin more quickly. This lets people reduce the amount of time they have to spend listening to a noisy air conditioner.

Microorganisms thrive in moist environments, so a dehumidifier can also help you prevent musty or stale smells from excessive microbial growth. It can also reduce the number of dust mites in your home. Many people are allergic to some types of fungi, dust mites and cockroaches. A dehumidifier can prevent allergy or asthma symptoms like headaches, fatigue, eye irritation, nosebleeds and rashes.

Energy Savings

When humidity levels are high, sweat won’t evaporate from your skin as quickly. As a result, staying cool becomes difficult. With a dehumidifier, you won’t have to use your air conditioning system as much to keep your family comfortable. The energy savings will lower your utility bills and help the environment by reducing pollution. Most dehumidifiers are inexpensive, so adding one is an easy way to save money and energy.

Fewer Breakdowns

Using your air conditioner less will prevent wear on essential parts. That way, you can avoid inconvenient, costly breakdowns and extend your HVAC system’s life. A dehumidifier also prevents condensation on your walls and windows that could lead to water damage.

Dent Air Conditioning is a family business with more than 60 years of experience. We can help you maintain, repair, and install a variety of HVAC equipment, including dehumidifiers. Call us anytime at 601-912-0535 for more information and excellent service from one of our friendly service technicians.

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