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Originally published June 2013, updated November 2016

Any repeated tripping of the electrical breaker in your Ridgeland, MS, home is a serious safety hazard that requires the expertise of an electrician. You should contact your certified electrical professional as soon as possible to prevent further damage to the system or your property.

Causes of Electrical Breaker Tripping

When a breaker repeatedly trips, the culprit could be the breaker itself or one of the appliances connected to it.

  • The circuit breaker may be unable to provide the amount of electricity demanded by the appliance.

  • There could be wiring damage outside caused by wear and tear, animals, brown-outs, a lightning strike or vandalism.

  • Faulty or worn wiring within an appliance could cause the breaker to repeatedly trip.

  • A short circuit anywhere within a home’s electrical system can cause a tripped breaker.

  • When there’s heavy demand on the HVAC system, along with the use of multiple appliances the breaker could be overworked.

  • The grounding wire might not be properly connected.

What to Do When the Electrical Breaker Keeps Tripping

Electrical problems require extreme caution. There are a few steps that a homeowner can take before calling for professional electrical services or repair.

  • Turn the breaker off and then on again. If it stays on, the issue might be resolved.

  • If the breaker still trips, try to determine which part of the system is causing the problem.

  • Turn off and unplug any electrical items around the house that aren’t working. Plug those items into a different circuit. This could identify which item is causing the circuit to trip.

  • Check light fixtures for broken bulbs. Remove and replace any broken bulbs.

  • Test for circuit overloads. Plug in appliances one by one back into the circuit that kept tripping. If the circuit accepts one item, try another and another until the circuit trips again. Only use the number of appliances that it can accept without tripping.

If the circuit continues to trip, call Dent Air Conditioning for professional electrical repair. Your safety is of utmost importance. Call us at 601-912-0535 for emergency repairs and service.

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