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A sparking electrical outlet can be a scary sight for any homeowner to behold. Not only could the sparks ruin whatever it is that you are trying to plug into the socket, but you could be injured and the sparks could start a fire. Understanding the causes of a sparking outlet and knowing what to do if this happens in your home could save thousands of dollars and reduce your risk of a serious injury.

Causes of Sparking Outlets

In most cases, sparking outlets result from a problem within the wiring or outlet itself. Common causes include:

  • Exposed wiring. Bare wires generate intense heat. If those bare wires happen to touch the metal of the outlet, this can result in sparks when the outlet is used.
  • Using adapters in the outlet. The outlet might not have the capacity to serve the appliance.
  • Overloading the receptacles. Plugging in too many items could overload it.
  • Loose wiring. Over years of use of an outlet, the socket may have caused the wires to become loose from their connections.
  • Damaged wiring. Age, animals or moisture might have damaged the wiring.

What To Do When Your Outlet Sparks

When an outlet sparks, it is important to keep yourself and your property safe. These steps might help reduce the risk of harm or injury:

  • Shut off the breaker for the affected outlet.
  • Shut off and unplug any appliances using the outlet.
  • Arrange for an electrical services specialist to come into your home to inspect the outlet and pinpoint the cause of the sparking.

Repairing Sparking Outlets

Prompt repair of a sparking outlet is essential to preventing an electrical fire or an electrical shock injury. Possible repairs might include:

  • Tightening the wiring and connections.
  • Replacing the outlet.
  • Grounding the outlet.
  • Rewiring the outlet.

A sparking outlet should never be ignored. It has the potential to ignite a fire, resulting in major damage to property and possessions. Our electricians in Ridgeland can assess the situation and provide you with a reliable, safe and affordable solution to this serious electrical problem. For more information, give our team at Dent Air Conditioning a call at any time.

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