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Everyone has experienced a toilet that won’t stop running. Not only is there an annoying, continuous hissing sound when this happens, the toilet is also wasting water. This problem is commonly caused by a sticky flush valve, sticky flapper valve and damaged or misadjusted float balls and ballcocks. Your first step in correcting the problem is opening up the toilet tank.

Run-On Toilets

You can inspect the interior of the tank for a number of things. The first thing you should do before making any adjustments is to check the water line. If the water is not at the water line, turn the water valve all the way on, and the tank should begin to fill. When this doesn’t fix the problem, inspect the components of the flushing mechanism. If the chain or flapper is catching on something, the flapper may be sticking. Make sure the chain is moving freely, and the flapper is aligned with the opening.

You may also try adjusting the float ball. If it’s around the valve post, pinch the metal clip and slide the float down on the wire. The float all should not be dragging against the side of the tank or the overflow tube. If the float ball assembly is covered in lime, you can use a descaling cleaner to clean it.

Another possible cause for a running toilet is a problem with the rubber tubing that leads from the valve to the overflow tube. Once in a while, it can act as a siphon. Adjusting the tube height or valve height up may fix it. If you notice that any of the non-rubber components in this mechanism are broken, replacement is the best course of action. There are times when you’ll be able to fix a running toilet on your own and times when you’ll need to call a plumbing contractor for a plumbing repair, especially if the problem is more complex or you’re incurring water leaks.

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