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Maintaining comfortable temperatures inside your home is essential for weathering hot and steamy summers in Jackson, Mississippi. It is important to optimize your climate control system to reduce utility bills and ensure the highest degree of comfort for everyone in your home.

Causes of Indoor Temperature Differentials

Temperature variations between rooms can be the result of a number of factors:
  • Closed or blocked registers in some areas
  • Undersized fans that cannot reach rooms far from the central air conditioning system
  • Improperly balanced ductwork
Remedying these problems can be as simple as scheduling an air conditioning system tune-up or opening up the registers in rooms that are too warm. If a more serious issue is present, however, working with a qualified heating and cooling company can provide increased comfort for all your family’s indoor activities this summer.

Balancing Temperatures in Your Jackson Home

According to the Whole Building Design Guide, an initiative sponsored by the National Institute of Building Sciences, balancing your home’s air conditioning ducts can provide the greatest degree of comfort, while reducing utility bills during the hot summer months. The process usually requires three steps:
  • First, airflow must be tested and measured throughout the home to determine the areas where improvements can be made.
  • A plan is submitted to the homeowner that outlines the cause(s) of the temperature variations and the steps to be taken to ensure adequate airflow and circulation of cooled air to each location inside the residence.
  • Finally, the air conditioning specialist will adjust and install the right solutions to ensure that airflow is balanced and sufficient to ensure real comfort throughout the summer months in Jackson.
By investing in air duct balancing, you can ensure that each room in your home is adequately cooled, and your overall utility bills can be reduced considerably. The experts at Dent Air Conditioning can provide you with professional guidance and top-quality service.To learn more about balancing your air ducts or any of our other services, visit Dent Air Conditioning online, or give us a call at (601)912-0535. We look forward to the chance to serve your heating and cooling needs.
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