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Electrical work is one of the most dangerous home improvement tasks, and you shouldn’t attempt it without an expert. If you want to sell your home, passing an inspection to show you comply with local building codes can be difficult. If you fail, you’ll likely have to get the work redone by a professional. DIY electrical work for your Brandon, Mississippi, home can also lead to injuries, damage or wasted energy.


Electrical shocks can be deadly, especially with higher voltages. It’s easy to turn off the power for the area you need to work on at the circuit breaker. But forgetting this step or flipping the wrong switch can be fatal. Electricians go through years of training to do electrical work safely, and they’re much more reliable than following instructions on an online video.


Improperly connected wiring will often overheat and catch fire. If lights aren’t connected properly, they could fall from your ceiling and damage your drywall. An outlet or switch that’s too near a shower or sink can increase your family’s risk of shock. If your wiring doesn’t follow an efficient design, you might also have trouble remembering which switch does what.

Wasted Energy

Bad wiring can waste electricity and increase your utility bills. For example, not connecting your HVAC system’s thermostat correctly can force the unit to act erratically. When you turn your system on, you might use twice as much energy without being able to stay comfortable easily. Fortunately, you can prevent many similar problems by replacing older appliances and having new models installed by a professional.

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