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Getting home from vacation on a hot summer evening can be dreadful as you face warm indoor conditions while you restart your cooling system. Pre-programmed thermostats are nice, but if your vacation plans change, you don’t have a way to adjust your programming. Wouldn’t a thermostat smart phone app be helpful? Think of the many ways you could improve home comfort and save money. The Carrier Infinity thermostat provides these benefits and more.

Remote Access

The most obvious benefit of a thermostat smart phone app and coordinating control is the ability to manage from a distance. This can be extremely helpful when plans change. You can adjust your home comfort settings from work, a vacation venue or from your own bed. If the air is a little chilly when you wake up on a winter weekend, you can up the heating setting to take that chill out of the air. If you are returning home early from a business trip, you can make the adjustments necessary so that you arrive home to a comfortable indoor temperature.

Remote access with your Carrier Infinity thermostat also provides important management when you can’t monitor in person. Teenagers can be really bad about changing thermostat settings without thinking about the financial consequences. Check in, and adjust as needed.


The Carrier Infinity thermostat is easy to program, designed with intuitive touchscreen technology. On the screen, icons are easy to read and use. Brightness can be adjusted to enhance readability so that you can easily change numbers or settings. If you are already used to using a smartphone, then you will easily adapt to operating your thermostat from the screen or via your app.

Additional Features

Carrier’s remote access control is not only convenient but also very informative. It provides readings from the home, but it also provides current weather forecast information. The control can be used in connection with zoned heating and cooling, enabling you to manage temperatures in different areas of your home.

Humidity monitoring is excellent for residents of Jackson, MS, because local climate conditions can lead to clammy indoor air. Coordinated with Carrier’s top-of-the-line Greenspeed products, it’s possible to have humidity controlled without overcooling your home. Those who use both heat pumps and furnaces for hybrid heating will appreciate the seamless integration with the Carrier control. The thermostat can also measure airflow, remind you to change your filter and monitor indoor air quality products.

Analyze Your Energy Usage and Trends

One of the exciting options with a remote access control from Carrier is the ability to track your heating and cooling trends. You can generate reports that advise you of energy usage. Use this information to make adjustments in settings.

Expert Installation

You can contact us at Dent Air Conditioning to learn more about the cutting edge technology behind the Carrier Infinity thermostat. We can evaluate your existing system to determine whether this is an ideal choice for your home. Call our team for an appointment.

Carrier FAD NATE Certified Energy Star