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When something goes wrong with your air conditioning or heating system, you will naturally try to troubleshoot first. You focus on HVAC components ranging from the air filter to the thermostat. If your attempts do not resolve the problem, you will need to contact a professional. Your HVAC technician will have the tools and expertise to properly diagnose and fix the problem. You are likely to receive more accurate and thorough solutions when your HVAC company also offers electrical services.

Seamless Service

An electrician can assist with wiring issues that might contribute to a system problem. In older homes, wiring might require an update, which an HVAC professional would not typically be qualified to perform. However, quick access to a certified electrician within the same company makes it possible to keep a repair project moving along, an important factor if you are faced with an HVAC emergency.

Electrical Expertise

A high level of knowledge and skill is important when electrical services are an issue. If a home’s wiring needs an update to accommodate an HVAC installation or repair, it is important to have the support of a professional who is well-versed in local building codes. Additionally, an electrician is able to evaluate issues such as capacity and the configuration of wiring if a system installation is pending. This is especially if the new HVAC equipment is designed to supplement existing portions of the system.


If your HVAC technician is also a skilled electrician or the company is able to offer this service as well, it can mean a greater level of safety. The same person or team performing the job can mean fewer errors and greater efficiency. Coordination is important with new installations in existing or new construction structures. It is also likely to be more cost-effective.

Time and Value

HVAC equipment can be dependent on the wiring of a home, and having one contractor coordinate both areas of the project minimizes the wait between phases and the cost of the project. Dent Air Conditioning is pleased to offer both HVAC and electrical services to our customers. For more information or service contact us today at 601-912-0535.

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