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Electrical Services in Jackson, MS and Surrounding Areas

electrical service

Electricity powers so many things that are used every day that we tend to take it for granted. You have to stop and think, or do without it for a time, to realize just how essential it is for so much of what we do.

Your home or building’s electrical system is very important because it facilitates almost everything you do in your home. Without electricity being provided conveniently and safely, many activities that we take for granted will become difficult or impossible. At Dent Air Conditioning, we offer comprehensive electrical services for all of your electrical needs, which eliminates the confusion of dealing with multiple parties – contractors, electricians, etc. We offer:

  • Rewiring
  • Backup Generator Installation
  • Emergency Repairs
  • Code Violation Repairs
  • Location of Cable Faults
  • General Troubleshooting

At Dent Air Conditioning, we are the technicians to call when you need an HVAC contractor, electrician, or plumber in the Greater Jackson, Mississippi area. You may not ever need all of the services we offer, but it’s a pretty sure bet that at some point you will need some of them.

Benefits of Choosing a Dent Air Conditioning Electrician

You can feel confident about choosing electricians from Dent Air Conditioning because you will get outstanding customer service.

  • One source for the solution to all your electrical repair needs
  • Scheduling will be done at your convenience
  • Quick response to emergency electrician service calls
  • Preventive maintenance to help avoid breakdowns


  • Safety controls will be expertly designed and installed into everything we do
  • Top quality workmanship and components assure the safe and proper operation of the system for you years to come
  • Periodic inspections by experts give an added level of security


  • Emergency electrician service is always available 24 hours a day
  • A wide variety of electrical services satisfy a wide variety of needs


Remember we are more than electricians, we also provide plumbing, AC service, and home heating repair in Jackson, Madison, Ridgeland, and Brandon, MS.

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