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Generac Generators

Generac Generator Dealer

home backup generator

When your electric power goes out, you’re out of business. Everything seems to run on electric power these days. Without lights, you can’t see to do anything productive. Air conditioners can’t maintain comfort; machines and appliances won’t run; refrigerated food will spoil; water pipes may freeze; and security systems will fail to protect. Computers not only won’t operate but also sometimes lose vital data. But you can avoid these inconveniences if you purchase a Generac Standby Power Generator System from Dent Air Conditioning. Dent Air Conditioning will install a backup generator system that automatically gets you up and running when the electricity lets you down.

Generac’s standby power generator systems from Dent Air Conditioning offer the following benefits:


  • Automatic Controls bring the power generator online soon after utility power is lost and switch back when utility power is restored.
  • Vital Systems like computers are provided with an uninterrupted power source that automatically prevents even momentary outages.
  • DENT does all of the installation work. No third parties to deal with or blur the lines of responsibility. We can back up our work because we do it ourselves and do it right.
  • DENT services the system after installation and after warranties expire so that you don’t have to worry if maintenance will be available long term.
  • The standby generator automatically runs and tests its own operation periodically to make sure that it is ready when you need it.

Ease & Convenience of Generac Generators

  • Completely automatic — no operational expertise required by the user.
  • Can be fueled by natural gas, liquified petroleum gas, or diesel fuel.
  • Weatherproof enclosures allow for installation outside, out of sight and out of mind.

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