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The purpose of this Privacy Policy (POLICY) is to inform customers about the personal information collected by and on behalf of Dent Heating & Cooling and our service providers through our website and other sources. This policy may be changed at any time and all changes are effective at the time they are posted.

This policy also describes how the personal information is used, shared and protected. We may collect personal information when you visit our website, respond to our emails, use our message system to schedule an appointment, or contact us by phone, mail, fax, or in person. The categories of information that we collect include the following:

  • Personal Identification such as name, IP address, email address, physical address, telephone number and mailing address.
  • Account Activity including products or services purchased including date of purchase and service history.
  • Internet Activity including site visits, browsing history, search history and interaction with social sites related to our services.
  • ransactional activity such as phone calls, request for service messages, email response, response to physical mail, and response to other measurable advertising messages.
  • Derived information which can be inferred by combining other information.


A Cookie is a small bit of data stored on your computer by your web browser. We use these cookies to collect information and to improve our service. You have the option to either accept or refuse these cookies and know when a cookie is being sent to your computer.


  • Service Improvements: we refer to your service and maintenance history to provide better future repair service and recommend future maintenance and/or replacement needs.
  • Special offers: we send printed materials and emails as possible service reminders and/or special deals on the products and services that we provide.


  • Core information such as name, address and phone number are stored on the internal service database at Dent Heating & Cooling.
  • Internet related activity is collected by our digital service providers and stored in protected external service facilities.


  • Upon request you are entitled to see the data we have about you.
  • You may change or correct any data we have about you.
  • Upon your request we will delete any data we have about you.
  • You are welcome to tell us about any concerns you have over the use of your personal information.
  • You are free to refuse our request for personal information.
  • We will consider your continued use of our website as your acceptance of our POLICY.

You are welcome to contact us if you have any questions or concerns about the personal information that we collect and use.

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